Warranty products are: overcoming the failures, technical problems occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer.
A. Provisions of warranty
– Products are free warranty if the product warranty period is also calculated from the date of delivery, the product is warranted for the warranty period indicated on the warranty book, warranty seals and the provisions of each maker concerning all technical incidents.
– There Tem warranty and warranty of the company or a distributor, the company on product. In case the product does not have the serial number indicated on the warranty, the warranty must have cuulonggroup.com Stamps (including the original warranty stamps).
B. The case is not warranted
– Product warranty has expired or lose warranty.
– Number barcode, serial number on the product can not be identified or wrong than warranty.
– The data, documents, text and offering free software, supplied with the product storage (including sending warranty period).
– Arbitrarily dismantling, repair by individuals or technical staff who are not cuulonggroup.com.
– Product is damaged by fire or mechanical stress, deformation, falls, breaks, bumps, scratches, damaged by damp, rusty, leaking and entering animals, natural disasters, fires fire, misuse provisions.
– Warranty, Warranty torn Stamps, Stamps no longer under warranty, the warranty sticker overrides Stamps, Stamps warranty or modified (including the original warranty stamps).
– In case of customers product warranty Stamps cuulonggroup.com paste or mistaken information on the warranty card, Offer: In this case, the warranty department will compare them with the original bill filed at the company, invoices, software or information of the company’s distributors, carriers and other customers buy the same product at the same time, if there is a discrepancy of the customer, the product is not under warranty ( can stamp company’s warranty is lost and exploited stickers on equipment or a small mistake when entering, print out). We sincerely hope customers sympathy!
– Warranty does not cover shipping and delivery.

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