In order to enhance the credibility and the trust of our customers when purchasing products at From today, you missed buying the exchange can still pay. Details are as follows:

1. Change row
For orders not yet delivered: After ordering, if customers are not satisfied with just placed an order and want to change, please contact and provide a phone number associated line code (#XXXX ) to request a change, increase or decrease in the product or quantity.

For order was delivered: After purchase, if customers do not like the product they just bought will receive in exchange for other products absolutely free.

Products must be preserved carefully, not dented distortion, no sign was removed, opening the box. not solve change if you do not bring the bill of sale.
The time limit is 05 days bartering since you received the product.
2.Only row
For orders not yet delivered: Since a certain objective reasons you can not buy this but then missed ordering please contact us to request cancel orders. You only need to provide a phone number attached

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